JULHO 2023

AIKOA is a company that uses design and technology to develop sustainable and pleasant living spaces, combining the very latest in construction. The idea of this project is to create a visual identity that conveys these values, which is bold, modern, and clean.

From the outset, our vision crystallised around crafting a symbol that encapsulated the modernity and authenticity of our brand. Observing nature and the innate connection humans have with their environment, we were drawn to the curves of biophilia, which exude harmony and balance. These, paired with the assertive angles of contemporary architecture, create a blend of the organic with the geometric, forging a unique synergy in design.

The choice of the letter “A” wasn’t mere happenstance. Representing the company’s name, it stands out not just for its alphabetic primacy but also for its angular design, alluding to solidity and innovation. The incorporation of a house symbol not only strengthens the direct link to the company’s area of expertise but also reinforces the intrinsic meaning of the name – a shelter, a refuge, a space where life unfolds.

The idea of integrating a sense of energy, evoking the image of a battery charging, transcends mere aesthetics. It mirrors our commitment to sustainability and innovation. While the battery symbolises resilience and the capacity for renewal, the act of charging alludes to a constant pursuit of evolution, learning, and adaptation. Together, all these facets weave the tapestry of our brand, representing the intersection of design, meaning, and purpose.

The minimalism of Scandinavian architecture, its lines and curves, made it clear which direction we should take. We maintained simplicity and created a functional and unique element.

The concept of “charging” can be deftly woven into the visual expression, conveying much more than meets the eye. At its core, this movement captures the essence of renewable energy – a nod to the company’s sustainable ethos and forward-thinking approach. As we delve deeper, it becomes evident that this charging motion is symbolic of the continual progress and evolution in construction methodologies, where traditional practices meld seamlessly with avant-garde techniques.


Furthermore, the dynamic of charging is inherently reflective of the pulsating, ever-evolving nature of technology, which is a cornerstone in the projects undertaken by the company. The technology employed isn’t static; it’s ever-charging, ever-improving, much like a battery powering up. This subtle, yet powerful visual cue serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, ensuring that each project not only meets but surpasses the standards of contemporary design and environmental responsibility. Through this multi-layered representation, the company cements its position at the forefront of marrying tradition with technology, always with an eye towards the future.

The word AIKOA was not merely written but meticulously crafted. Each letter was designed from scratch, a labour of dedication and precision to ensure the brand’s originality and uniqueness. By mirroring the aesthetics and form of the symbol, we aimed for perfect synergy between text and image, ensuring both complement and amplify the brand’s message. This careful cohesion guarantees that whether on a tiny business card or an expansive banner, the visual identity maintains its integrity and impact. It was an exercise in balance and intent, focusing not only on aesthetics but also on functionality across varied contexts and platforms.

The supporting typography chosen for the project was Atyp. The sources of inspiration for the Atyp typeface are spread out widely both stylistically and chronologically. The basic proportions of the uppercase refer to the elementary geometric constructions of the Bauhaus. The subtle details in the drawing of the characters and the microscopic adjustments, which evoke the illusion of uniformity and mechanical purity, pay homage to the rationalism of the typefaces popular in the International Style. The increased contrast of the joints of the bowls and shoulders in the Display weight, which in certain diagonal curves transition into almost deconstructive permutations. For a change these take delight in doing things on purpose, teasing readability and breaking the rules of the new millennium’s typography.

Atyp was created by adapting a typeface originally made for a commercial television station. The potential of the neutral grotesque, proven by its excellent readability on screens, gave the impetus for its preparation into an extremely wide character set with full support for three language scripts.

Coherence across all eight key masters lays the groundwork ideally for using the variable font format. The key benefits of this technology are a significant reduction in data consumption in the case of web fonts, as well as an unlimited access to the full range of styles, which in turn is a significant benefit in the area of responsive design.

The colours chosen to represent the company are the sophisticated shades of lead and green. The lead, a robust and refined hue, symbolises the durability and stability that the company seeks in its construction projects. Meanwhile, the green, besides bringing freshness and vitality to the design, serves as a constant reminder of the company’s commitment to the environment. The green evokes dense forests, vast fields, and the rich biodiversity that the company aims to protect and integrate into its projects. This commitment to green is, undoubtedly, one of the most significant objectives and unique selling points of the projects the company develops.


The carefully selected chromatic chord not only reinforces the brand’s visual identity but has also proven remarkably flexible. This flexibility is pivotal, as it allows the brand to maintain its visual consistency, be it in printed materials, digital mediums, or even physical spaces. This easy-to-apply colour scheme ensures that, regardless of the situation or medium, the brand’s identity remains recognisable, professional, and aligned with its core values.

We believe that the presented project meets visual and strategic demands, setting a new direction for future initiatives and communications. In developing this identity, we took into account every aspect of the brand’s DNA, ensuring alignment with its mission, vision, and values. This identity goes beyond a simple logo or colour scheme; it’s a genuine reflection of its essence and the promise made to stakeholders. We hope this proposal is perceived not just as design, but as an investment in the brand’s narrative and identity. We are available for any clarifications or to receive feedback.